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Featured Products
Men's Oxfords Sample-001 Image
Men's Oxfords Sample-001
A neat and polished look Nelson Wing Tip Dress Casual Oxford.
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Men's Sneakers & Athletic Sample-002 Image
Men's Sneakers & Athletic Sample-002
Full grain leather uppers with suede T-toe overlay.
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Men's Casual Shoes Sample-004 Image
Men's Casual Shoes Sample-004
Lightly cushioned tongue and collar.
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Men's Canvas Shoes Sample-003 Image
Men's Canvas Shoes Sample-003
Rubber outsole provides long-lasting wear.
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Other Products
Men's Sandals Sample-002 Image
Men's Sandals Sample-002
Men's Boat Shoes Sample-001 Image
Men's Boat Shoes Sample-001
Men's Boat Shoes Sample-002 Image
Men's Boat Shoes Sample-002
Men's Boat Shoes Sample-003 Image
Men's Boat Shoes Sample-003
Men's Boat Shoes Sample-004 Image
Men's Boat Shoes Sample-004
Men's Loefers Sample-001 Image
Men's Loefers Sample-001
Men's Loefers Sample-002 Image
Men's Loefers Sample-002
Men's Oxfords Sample-002 Image
Men's Oxfords Sample-002
Men's Oxfords Sample-003 Image
Men's Oxfords Sample-003
Men's Wide Sample-001 Image
Men's Wide Sample-001
Men's Wide Sample-002 Image
Men's Wide Sample-002
Men's Wide Sample-003 Image
Men's Wide Sample-003
Men's Single Shoes Sample-001 Image
Men's Single Shoes Sample-001
Men's Single Shoes Sample-002 Image
Men's Single Shoes Sample-002
Men's Single Shoes Sample-003 Image
Men's Single Shoes Sample-003
Men's Casual Shoes Sample-001 Image
Men's Casual Shoes Sample-001
Man Sneakers & Athletic Sample-003 Image
Man Sneakers & Athletic Sample-003
Men's Casual Shoes Sample-002 Image
Men's Casual Shoes Sample-002
Men's Casual Shoes Sample-003 Image
Men's Casual Shoes Sample-003
Men's Canvas Shoes Sample-001 Image
Men's Canvas Shoes Sample-001
Men's Canvas Shoes Sample-002 Image
Men's Canvas Shoes Sample-002
Men's Canvas Shoes Sample-004 Image
Men's Canvas Shoes Sample-004
Men's Oxfords Sample-004 Image
Men's Oxfords Sample-004
Men's Boots Sample-001 Image
Men's Boots Sample-001
Men's Boots Sample-002 Image
Men's Boots Sample-002
Men's Boots Sample-003 Image
Men's Boots Sample-003
Men's Running Shoes Sample-001 Image
Men's Running Shoes Sample-001
Men's Running Shoes Sample-002 Image
Men's Running Shoes Sample-002
Men's Sandals Sample-001 Image
Men's Sandals Sample-001
Women's Boots Sample-002 Image
Women's Boots Sample-002
Women's Boots Sample-003 Image
Women's Boots Sample-003
Women's Slippers Sample-001 Image
Women's Slippers Sample-001
Women's Slippers Sample-002 Image
Women's Slippers Sample-002
Women's Slippers Sample-003 Image
Women's Slippers Sample-003
Women's Flats Sample-001 Image
Women's Flats Sample-001
Women's Loafers Sample-001 Image
Women's Loafers Sample-001
Women's Loafers Sample-002 Image
Women's Loafers Sample-002
Women's Sneakers & Athletic Sample-001 Image
Women's Sneakers & Athletic Sample-001
Women's Loafers Sample-003 Image
Women's Loafers Sample-003
Women's Comfort Sample-001 Image
Women's Comfort Sample-001
Women's Comfort Sample-002 Image
Women's Comfort Sample-002
Women's Comfort Sample-003 Image
Women's Comfort Sample-003
Women's Wide Sample-001 Image
Women's Wide Sample-001
Women's Wide Sample-002 Image
Women's Wide Sample-002
Women's Wide Sample-003 Image
Women's Wide Sample-003
Women's Narrow Sample-001 Image
Women's Narrow Sample-001
Women's Narrow Sample-002 Image
Women's Narrow Sample-002
Women's Single Shoes Sample-001 Image
Women's Single Shoes Sample-001
Women's Sandals Sample-001 Image
Women's Sandals Sample-001
Women's Single Shoes Sample-002 Image
Women's Single Shoes Sample-002
Women's Canvas Shoes Sample-001 Image
Women's Canvas Shoes Sample-001
Women's Canvas Shoes Sample-002 Image
Women's Canvas Shoes Sample-002
Women's Canvas Shoes Sample-003 Image
Women's Canvas Shoes Sample-003
Women's Canvas Shoes Sample-004 Image
Women's Canvas Shoes Sample-004
Women's Casual Shoes Sample-001 Image
Women's Casual Shoes Sample-001
Women's Casual Shoes Sample-002 Image
Women's Casual Shoes Sample-002
Women's Casual Shoes Sample-003 Image
Women's Casual Shoes Sample-003
Women's Boots Sample-004 Image
Women's Boots Sample-004
Women's Sandals Sample-002 Image
Women's Sandals Sample-002
Women's Sandals Sample-003 Image
Women's Sandals Sample-003
Women's Clogs Sample-001 Image
Women's Clogs Sample-001
Women's Clogs Sample-002 Image
Women's Clogs Sample-002
Women's Boots Sample-001 Image
Women's Boots Sample-001
Alimao Footwear Group | Private Label Shoe Manufacturer
Alimao Footwear China (, established in 1998, is a professional shoe manufacturer and exports more than 4,000,000 pairs of shoes annually. Main products include: leather shoes, sneakers, children's shoes, private label shoes. The company provides private-label shoe solutions and OEM & ODM services to customers around the world.
More about the company
Wenzhou & Guangzhou, China / New York Office
Number of Employees
Year Established
Business Type
Private Label Shoe Manufacturer, OEM & ODM, Professional Footwear Supplier
Main Markets
The United States, Europe, South America, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East.
Primary Products
Leather Shoe, Private Label Shoe, Sneaker Shoe, Children's Shoe
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